How do you stay motivated this season? With (almost) no races on the calendar it’s sometimes difficult to stay focused. We like to share with you 5 ways to stay motivated during the Covid-19 outbreak.

  1. Choose a nice STRAVA- segment and go for it! The QOM/KOM or your own PB, you name it!
  2. Try a new sport! Are you a runner? Get yourself a bike or try a nice trailrun. Are you a road-cyclist? Maybe you’ll like mountain biking. Or what about open water swimming?  Mastering new skills is extremely motivating and you’ll stay fit at the same time.
  3. Ever thought about your long goals? Maybe you want to run a descent marathon in 2022 or finish your first Iron Man in a few years. Well, time to schedule your long- term goals and think about what is necessary to get there. You will need to set some short term goals on the way. A good coach can help you to get there.
  4. Try out a new environment! Book a nice holiday with low corona- risks where you can enjoy nature and new routes.
  5. Make a goal of improving your weaknesses. Think about 2 or 3 weaknesses that you would like to improve. Set some specific and achievable goals. Examples: improve your sprint, improve your body composition,…