Working out during the summer is just awesome! Here in Andalusia it can get very hot (up to 40 degrees) and you have to take some precaution to keep it fun!
We give you 5 tips to enjoy the summer and your workout!
  • Plan your workout early in the morning. Here in Aracena we work out around 8-10pm, in 25-32 degrees. That’s a lovely temperature to train in.
  • If it is possible, run and mountainbike in the forest. Really, +30 degrees in the city feels different than +30 degrees in the forest.
  • Precooling is key! Do you have pool? Take a dive before you start your workout! Otherwise, a cold shower will do the trick as well.
  • Hydration before and during your workout is very important. A simple trick: put your water bottles in the freezer. This way you have nice cold water during your workout.
  • Pour water over your head during your workout.


At Andalusia Training Camps we freeze all our water bottles and take enough water with us so you can pour cold water over yourself during your long rides. After your training, you can cool down in our pool.